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6 Ways to Reset for a Healthier, More Thoughtful Fall

New Year, move aside - autumn is the perfect time for a brand new start. The back-to-school energy never quits (even if your recess days are a distant memory) and partnered with cooler weather, fall is the ideal season for taking some time to regroup.

In a world moving faster than ever, small, easy-to-achieve updates can make a big difference. While clearing off a desk or tending to a nagging chore that seems to always be moving down the to-do list may seem negligible in the scheme of things, these manageable tasks can be keys to a better mood.

In truth, giving people an easy way to care for themselves is one of the reasons we created Resin Cleanse.

People come to cannabis for all different reasons but one thing is for certain: smoking from a gunked-up smelly pipe or bong can lead to a less-than-pleasant experience. Resin Cleanse is formulated to effectively eliminate messiness from the cannabis resin cleaning process so your smoke session can be a thoughtful, elevated, additive moment in your day. Plus, our bio-based formula cleans like a charm without the toxicity or negative environmental impact.

We asked our team & customers what they’re doing this season to reset, and it’s safe to say we’re officially taking notes:

“Every fall our family does a closet purge. My husband, kids and I each fill a packing box with clothes, toys etc. that we are ready to part with. Not only does it free up space for bulkier fall clothes, it’s a chance to teach our kids about generosity and giving back. We usually stop for a small treat on the way home: it’s become a tradition we now look forward to instead of a ‘chore’.”

- Andrea, 44

“I know it sounds like I’m being a teacher’s pet, but honestly I clean all my smokeware. Smoking using a piece that is clean makes me feel so much better. It tastes better, works better and honestly just improves the experience overall. I used to literally have what looked like a science experiment under my sink when I tried to clean my bong before finding out about Resin Cleanse. Now, I keep the cleaning pod and a refill of the solution on hand and take care of it while I’m doing the dishes. Soooo much better.”

- Gordon, 37

“I usually try to do a digital reset around back-to-school time. Honestly, the notifications and organization can get so overwhelming so for me, it tends to pile up. I love to put on a bingeable TV show, maybe smoke a bowl, and tackle all my tech. By the end, even if I’ve deleted old text messages and tidied up my inbox I feel a million times better.”

- Haley, 33

“I have some food sensitivities so what I eat makes a big difference and I always switch things up in the fall. I’m really into Chinese medicine, which bases the calendar on 24 solar terms. The idea is that we should focus on our yin (or feminine energy) in the winter and autumn and yang (the masculine) in the spring and summer. In practice, that means things like swapping out raw vegetables for cooked foods and leaning into warm dishes instead of cold ones. And lots of tea, of course!”

- Jacqueline, 53

“With colder weather just around the corner, I try to make the most of getting outside. Even if it’s just sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee or sneaking out between meetings for an extra walk with our dog, getting the sunlight I feel makes all the difference.”

- Micah, 44

“I really think it’s important to take inventory of all of my products in the fall. It’s always such a surprise to me when things like makeup and cleaning products have quietly gone by their expiration date. It’s so worth it to clean house and then repurchase the ones I love and continue to use”

- Richard, 59

What are we missing? Tell us in the comments, and if you’re feeling inspired, why not refresh your smokewear with our starter kit?

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