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'Tis the season: A Gift Guide for the Cannabis Lover in your Life

The love of the plant runs deep (especially under holiday stress). Everyone comes to cannabis for a different reason: for some it’s socialization, for others it’s to relax or get creative. Whatever the reason, gifting to create a better experience is a thoughtful way to say ‘I see you’ to someone you love. We scoured the internet to find the very best gifts for every stoner in your life:

For the Best Dressed

Sometimes wearing your hobbies on your literal sleeves just feels right. We are huge fans of clothing that pays homage to the plant or just makes it easier to integrate into your day. We are digging Sundae Schools’ j*!nt pocket hoodies perfect for bringing your J wherever you go. For something a little bit more loud and proud, our pick goes to Stigma & Style’s Indica sweatshirt.

For the Chic Toker

Who says you can’t smoke in style? No one these days, honestly - and House of Puff is the perfect place to shop smokeware that’s as beautiful as it is useful. Kristina Lopez Aducci founded House of Puff for the design driven cannabis user and it shows. We personally love the Downtown Duo and Horatio Hemp Wick Holder.

For the Crunchy(ish) Mom

There’s no one who deserves a break more than moms, why not make her sesh a little extra special? We hate to brag ;) but Resin Cleanse is the perfect match for those trying to be conscious about the health of their home and of the environment. 100% non-toxic, plant-based and aggravation free, Resin Cleanse cleans smokeware without all the mess and hassle.

For the Art Obsessed

OK, maybe they love Seth Rogan too. Houseplant has gotten lots of hype and we think it’s all warranted. Simply put in their own words, Houseplant offers nice things for people who love weed. Their goods are artful and thoughtfully designed, we’re especially obsessed with the brand new Crackle Vase and Ridge Ashtray.

For the Utilitarian Smoker

Whether you vape, use a bong, smoke joints…West Coast Gifts has the goods. With 10 brands to choose from, the selection is expansive (and, they often run some seriously good promotions). They ship fast, and take care of you if there’s ever a problem. We’re big fans over here.

Who else would you put on this list? Let us know over on our Instagram!

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