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For Bongs or Accessories Up to 6"

Large Starter Kit

$29.38 Regular Price
$25.99Sale Price
  • Our Large Kit includes: 
    • A large 16oz Refill Pouch of Resin Cleanse solution that is naturally-derived from 100% plant-based ingredients. 
    • A large Resin Cleanse Cleaning Pod so you can enjoy a hassle-free way to repeatedly clean and restore your favorite pieces up to 6” with ease, every time. 
    • A Large Resin Cleanse Filter Cap that allows for a touch-free experience so that you can safely clean your accessory without getting your hands or home messy. Simply rinse, wash & reuse. 

What makes us unique.

We provide the fastest, most sustainable and effective solution to quickly and easily eliminate the accumulation of unhealthy resin in your preferred smoking accessories, every time, for less than it would cost to replace them. Resin Cleanse is non-toxic, biodegradable and water-washable, making it safe to use from the comfort of your home.

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